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Where to stay in Chianti - We have personal relationships with many other establishments in the area and we keep up-to-date about their activities and special promotions. Our guests' reports also help us stay informed about the quality of their services.

We negotiate discounts or special prices with those that we feel particularly confident about.
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Cooking classes right here in Montalto's kitchens

Horseback-riding lessons at the stables down the valley, located 1.5 km from the castle

Bike hire and personalized bicycle tours, starting directly from Montalto or where you want in Tuscany, on- or off-road, for individuals, groups and families

Guided tours of the historic and artistic wonders nearby: Siena, Florence...

Access to the thermal spas located 15 km from Montalto, which also offer beauty and relaxation treatments

Catering, event planning and weddings at Montalto