tuscany villa rental

A Tuscany holiday rental that the entire family can enjoy

Romantic holidays at Montalto CastleYou want to sample the celebrated local food and wine... Your spouse wants to take in the rich culture of the area... The children want to splash around in the pool and play with other kids their age... How do you combine all of this in a single holiday?

Everybody has different needs, and it isn't always easy to make them all work together. If you're looking for family-friendly Siena vacation rentals, a villa at Montalto Castle is the answer. Here you can fully experience the art and culture of the area while enjoying the advantages and independence of a private home, and still benefiting from the companionship of other kids and the availability of help when needed.

Reasons to book your holiday villas in Tuscany at Montalto castle:

For parents:

  • A single home base means no repeated packing/unpacking
  • Keep an eye on your kids by having them in the same house instead of separate hotel rooms; don't worry about them making noise that might disturb other people
  • Let your kids run freely around the property without worrying about them getting lost in city streets
  • Eating at home and having a place for naps provides less disruption to your regular routine and is easier on your budget than going to a restaurant with the entire family 3 times a day
  • Ensure healthy meals with fresh vegetables from the organic vegetable garden
  • Enjoy wireless internet in the confort of your own living room for those moments when you need to stay in touch with your life back home
  • Close to all the rich art and history of Tuscany for a rewarding cultural experience
  • Experience total independence in your own villa, but benefit from the assistance of the owners and a part-time concierge for tourist advice, tickets, and help in case of an emergency
  • Meet other families and interesting people instead of being totally alone in an isolated villa
  • Last but not least, you'll have a washing machine!

For kids:

  • Live within the walls of an authentic medieval castle like a knight or princess
  • Have fun splashing around in the pool and meet and play with other kids in the playground
  • Flexible pace: alternate sight-seeing with lounging time around the pool, or stay home at the castle with a baby sitter while your parents enjoy museums and dinner for 2.

Enjoy a range of activities for kids (and adults!), such as:

  • OUTDOORS: take a horseback riding lesson. Play bocce ball. Walk in the woods. Enjoy free bicycle rental. Watch farm activities such as the fields being plowed, sown and harvested (seasonal). Walk to the creek, go and see the horses at the stables, or help collect eggs from the chickens in the morning.
  • INDOORS: play the piano, do a puzzle, play ping-pong or foosball, read books in different languages.

Book a Tuscany holiday rental at Montalto castle for your family holiday and you’ll wake up to the smell of fresh air and a clean and very peaceful environment. After you’ve relaxed and recharged, away from the normal noise of the city, you’ll be able to easily embark on sightseeing to enjoy all that the local culture has to offer. Montalto, with its cluster of separate holiday villas and apartments, is well suited to both the only child as well as to extended families. Children love Montalto!