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Where to stay in Siena for anniversaries and family reunions?

Seminars, workshops, meetings venueAt Montalto, of course! With separate, independent houses collected within its walls, all close to each other and sharing sports facilities and common rooms for togetherness, Montalto is ideally structured for family gatherings.

Our villas in Tuscany for rent are easy to reach from all over the world. Typically, grandparents or the head of the family take several or all of the houses and unite their families for a week or two, in celebration of a 50th or 60th birthday or a 25th wedding anniversary, and we plan a special dinner for them one night as well as outings during the day.

If you’re looking for where to stay in Siena for a special reunion, Montalto is a perfect place for families as it offers something for everyone, big and small!

  • The various houses are of different sizes, having as few as one bedroom or as many as eight under one roof, to accommodate different size families
  • There are a variety of activities within easy reach to suit all tastes (see Things to do in the area for ideas)
  • In this protected environment children are free to roam at will without danger
  • While we have no apartment specifically adapted to the disabled, the elderly will appreciate the two ground-floor cottages with no stairs.
  • Every home has its own kitchen or kitchenette and there is also a large kitchen and dining room where group dinners can be planned, do-it-yourself or with the help of informal local cooks or full-service caterers.
  • A laundry area provides washing machines and drying lines for general use and more are available privately in some of the houses.
  • Housekeeping aid is available, as little or as much as desired.
  • Though the houses are independent, a telephone system connects nearly all of them for cost-free intercommunication.

It isn't just large groups that find Montalto ideal for celebrating. Couples who got engaged or were married here come back every year at the same time to commemorate the event. One couple after their wedding at Montalto left with us a magnum of Brunello to enjoy with their friends when they come back to celebrate their 10th anniversary. And what better present to offer a loved one for a birthday, a graduation or a Christmas gift than a holiday in a true medieval castle in Tuscany? Here at Montalto we are happy to share with our guests the best villas Tuscany for rent.

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